Adventures and Science

A Dose of Wanderlust

Do you feel like as humans, we’re meant to travel? Like its embedded in our DNA? In the beginning humans started off as nomads. But many of us now aren’t nomads, yet we have this desire to venture to lands unknown to us. Why do we still have this feeling of wanderlust? What purpose does…

Can Travelling make you smarter?

Previously, I explored the idea of travelling being able to stimulate the reward system. Now I want to pose a new question. Can your travels make you smarter? To clarify, I’m not referring to gaining knowledge of the plethora of cultures and geographic locations you’re exposed to. I’m wondering if the experiences drawn from travelling…

Oh the Places You’ll Go (If you could)

Life, as we know it has come to a complete standstill. Everyone is grounded. The last time I was on a plane was about 3 months ago. I was fortunate enough to go to Egypt right before travel bans were issued. When will I board a plane next? Only time will tell. Who could have…

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