Castanets of Seville

For the longest time Spain has been at the top of my travel bucket list. I especially love the Spanish language, it’s like you’re dancing with your words. I tried learning as much of the language as I could before my trip. The locals thought I spoke fairly well (although many may have said that for a nice tip).

While most people head to Barcelona or Madrid, I have to say Seville was my favourite Spanish destination. It may not be as big as other cities but it is packed with some of the best food, architecture and culture in the region.

Plaza de Espana

The plaza is absolutely beautiful! Along its walls are murals of every major Spanish city. Feel free to take a row boat out as theres a small river going through the plaza. Or enjoy some flamenco dancing and singing done by many of the street performers. The area is packed with tourists and vendors during the day but the crowd thins out during the evening.

Alcazar de Sevilla

Did you know parts of Game of Thrones was shot in Spain? Many of the scenes that depicted the fictional Dorne was filmed in the Alcazar. One of Seville’s top attractions you definitely want to buy your tickets beforehand, as the line is quite large. As Spain was once a Muslim majority country, there is a lot of Islamic and Moorish architecture. If definitely isn’t your average European castle for sure. I’m not a massive fan of taking a guided tour but that being said, take an audio tour. You can move at your own pace and focus on the areas you’re most interested in. My favourite area had to be the gardens. It truly felt like a tropical oasis.


This citadel is the third largest in Europe. You do have to buy tickets to get in and you’ll want to buy them ahead of time, the line for tickets is quite long. The inside is what your typical citadel would look like, just 10 times larger. There’s a beautiful courtyard filled with orange trees, which was my favourite area. Additionally, no citadel is complete without a bell tower to climb up!

If you choose to climb the bell tower, you can get a panoramic view of the city. Of all the various towers I’ve climbed this one by far is the easiest. They designed ramps instead of stairs as the Spaniards would ride horses to the top of the tower. Talk about innovative. Fun fact: at one point Muslims and Christians in the region got along to the point that they would ring the bell tower 5 times a day during Islamic prayer times. Why can’t we all get along like we used to.

Flamenco Show

No trip to Seville is complete without going to a Flamenco show! These shows happen at many bars or theatres, many of which will have an entrance fee. I attended La Casa del Flamenco which cost around 20 euros. It was held in a small theatre, making the show feel more intimate. Watching them dance was mesmerizing. You’re also not allowed to take any photos or videos until the very end so make sure to keep your eyes wide open!


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