Alohamora Porto!

North of Lisbon lies the hidden gem of Porto. It has everything you expect of a European city, breathtaking views and scrumptious foods. Porto is also similar to Lisbon, built on a valley of hills.

I arrived to Porto via train from Lisbon. The train fare was incredibly cheap, costing about 15 euros. The key to getting cheap train fare is to book your ticket at least a month in advance (sorry last minute travellers), and to also use the site of the train company. Typically these sites will be in the native country’s language (in this case the site was in Portuguese) but you can always translate the site using google translate. It may be more tedious but will save you more money in the long run.

Livraria Lello

This bookstore is so whimsical. The inside was stunning, albeit a little cramped. The staircase was something straight out of Hogwarts! There is a 5 euro entry fee but that money can go towards buying a book if you wanted. Unfortunately their English literature section was minimal. You can buy the entry ticket online or at a corner shop a few stores down.

Clérigos Church

Just a few steps down from the bookstore, this church was the tallest building at the time it was built. The details inside and out are so intricate it will leave you mesmerized. You can even climb up the bell tower to get a beautiful view of the city. It’s only 240 steps no big deal.

Cais da Ribeira

The riverside is a great place to mingle with locals and tourists alike and get a great picture of the Luis I Bridge. There are lots of great restaurants to choose from and theres even a cute little ferris wheel. Porto is famously known for their wine and there are many cellars that will take you on wine tours. You can also take a boat ride along the river! Unfortunately I was only in Porto for a day, else I would have loved to go on a boat ride!

Monastery of Serra do Pilar

This monastery is on the opposite side of the Douro River and overlooks the Luis I bridge as well as Porto itself. Unfortunately it’s closed Mondays which happened to have been the only day I was in the city! If you’re in Porto and its not Monday, please check this place out!

This was definitely a city I underestimated. I thought one day was enough to see the city sights and that was an oversight on my part. I hope to see Porto again in the future because this is a city you do not want to miss!


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